Updates: August 2018

August 1, 2018

Chapter 6 (Actors):

“The Business of Broadway” tells the wonderful tale of the “Gypsy Robe” ceremony. Here’s an update:The Gypsy Robe will now be known as the Legacy Robe after a vote from members of Actors’ Equity. The name change came from concerns that it isinsensitive towards people of Roma descent. The other options in the ballot were “The Robe” and the “Chorus Robe”.


Chapter 10 (Producing):

     A few words from Producer Kevin McCollum: “Ultimately it pays for the investor to listen to many but believe a few on Broadway. Every show I’ve done, I’ve been told it wouldn’t work- from “Rent” to “In the Heights” to “Motown.” One of the most commercial things you can do is create a show that people have low expectations for and have it surprise people. Unlike film or television, theater isn’t based around formula. It’s a place you go for surprises.”


Chapter 12 (Surprises):

Update to the list of Broadway’s longest running shows…WICKED moves past A CHORUS LINE to #6 spot.


Chapter 19 (Ushers) and Chapter 22 (Theatre Owners):

Theatre Owners are introducing new technology for audience members with vision or hearing impairment. Equally as important as development and implementation is the training with the front line teams.

In the theatre, Playbill inserts, signage, video, and stage announcements will be targeted at audience members not using the technology, to help them understand why another patron might be using a mobile device during the show. And because these new services are low-contrast and only operate in Airplane Mode, it’s easier for ushers to differentiate between those using the services and those texting their friends during the show.