Updates: December 2015




December 1, 2015

Chapter 4: Unions.  Strikes always threaten the financial health of Broadway.  The newest rumored threat comes from a possible Local One Stagehands strike before Christmas. This would shut down Broadway.

Chapter 6: Tony Awards. Lots of changes to 2016 Tony Awards including deadlines and the venue.  A show must have opened by April 28 (originally April 26), and nominations will be announced May 3,  The Tony Award ceremony will move to the Beacon Theatre (a non-Broadway, non-union theatre with many 4000 less seats than Radio City Music Hall) and broadcast one week later than previously announced, now on Sunday June 12. It’s all about availability and it’s a busy season in New York.

Chapter 8: New York Times. Last month’s NYT decision to omit designers from its reviews has been met with “pressure” from Broadway’s unions. The result: the NYT will reverse its policy and go back to the way it used to be – designers included.

Chapter 9: Mixed reviews. Another great example of the difference between a good review and a “money review” is the latest revival of Dames at Sea. Everyone seemed to like it, but even with a good NYTimes review, it just didn’t sell tickets. Google the NY Times review and see if you can find a “money” quote needed to excite the public to buy a lot of tickets. It’s not there.