Updates: December 2019

CHAPTER 13 (Box Office); CHAPTER 10 (Producing)

RE: BROADWAY WEEK. It occurs at two of the slowest times of the year for Broadway attendance. Two for One aka Broadway Week draws more from the Outer Boroughs than Broadway shows do. There are a high percentage of sales to people who are new to Broadway; a good percentage of those who are new buy tickets later to another show.  The Broadway Week audience tends to include more people with moderate incomes than Broadway does. There are more buyers who are younger and more ethnically diverse than the usual Broadway crowd. This summary reads like the goals for an industry wide audience development program as opposed to simply a promotion to fill empty seats.

APPENDIX: (Resources):

Lin-Manuel Miranda and three of his collaborators on “Hamilton” said they will reopen the Drama Book Store in spring 2020 on West 39th Street, in a garment district storefront just a block south from its previous location. The store’s designer is David Korins. With a look inspired by European cafes and a reading room atmosphere, it will sell coffee, merchandise and writing materials, along with play scripts, librettos and books about the arts. A basement level could be used for classes, readings or other gatherings.

CHAPTER 22 (Theatre Owners)

It has now fallen to the theaters themselves to enforce the cellphone rules at live productions. A company called Yondr has developed soft pouches that keep people from accessing their devices during shows. Due to an increasing number of disrupted performances and prevention of video bootlegging of intellectual property, Yondr’s pouch is now being “tested” on certain Broadway productions. An usher will ask for your cell phone, place it in an electronically locked pouch and give it back to you to hold. At the end of the performance, your pouch will be unlocked.

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