Updates: January 2017

Chapters 10, 13, 22 (Producers, Box Office, Theatre Owners Closing):Happy New Year! Broadway business is booming even though January and early February are two of the worst months for Broadway theatre attendance, ultimately leading to the closing of 13 shows this year. This year the list includes Tony winners The Humans, Jersey Boys, Matilda, The Color Purple and Something Rotten.

Since Hamilton hit the Broadway scene this past year, records are being broken daily (it seems). Total attendance in 2016 was 13,300,000, and box office income hit $1,370,000,000 (that’s 1+ billion) for the year. Weekly box office income records were broken over and over again by Hamilton, which became the first show to take in over $3 million in one week.

Chapter 13 (Box office): Congress has enacted the Bots Act of 2016 making it illegal to scalp large groups of tickets to theatre, concerts and sports events with the use of online computer “Bots”. So until the scalpers find a way around the law, the general public may have a better chance to buy their own tickets are regular box office prices. Hits like Hamilton which have seen scalped prices sour beyond $2000 each, seems to have truly affected the theatre world.