Updates: January 2019

CHAPTER 10: Producing and Investing

Under a provision of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which began taking effect in 2018 and will appear on tax returns for the first time in 2019, owners of limited liability companies and other pass-through entities are eligible for a tax deduction of up to 20 percent of qualified business income. However, individuals who work in the performing arts, including theater investors, have been excluded from the deduction under the initial guidelines written by the U.S. Treasury Dept. Members of the Broadway League met with the Treasury Department in the fall to argue for the inclusion of Broadway investors. If no new guidelines are released before tax returns are prepared, accountants will operate under the assumption that theater investors are not included. 

CHAPTER 10: Producing and investing; and CHAPTER 13: Box Office

Is it prices or demand for Broadway shows? Total grosses for 2018 were $1.074 billion, up 17% over last season’s pace and attendance up nearly 10%. For sure, prices went up. Not known is whether some producers are inflating their attendance numbers by reporting comps (free tickets) and in some cases, buying their own tickets, as has been reported in past decades. And that would mean that tickets prices increased even more than we know they have.

CHAPTER 14: Press Agents, and CHAPTER 18: Managers

As of Sept 10, 2018, ATPAM salaries increased 3% (per year for the next 5 years) and weekly welfare costs change to $225/wk. This affects Press Agents, House Managers and Company Manager.

CHAPTER 15: Actors

As diversity is embraced in society and on the stage, the estates of certain dead playwrights are objecting vehemently. Arthur Miller’s estate, overseen by Rebecca Miller, the playwright’s daughter, declined to let director Gregory Mosher cast two black actors in a pair of sibling roles normally played by white actors in All My Sons. … In response, Mosher quit the Roundabout Theatre Company revival. 

Jack O’Brien, a Tony-winning director with a long Broadway résumé, is taking over, and the production will continue as scheduled. According to Roundabout, there will be actors of color in All My Sons, just not in the configuration Mosher envisioned


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