Updates: June 2018

Chapter  5: (Promotion and Marketing-The Female Audience)

According to the Broadway League’s The Demographics of the Broadway Audience 2016-2017, 65.9% of Broadway’s 2016-2017 audience was female. And that percentage has grown steadily for the last 20 years.
The League’s research shows that not only are women more consistently the decision makers when it comes to a ticket purchase, but when men do make the purchase, they’re more likely to bring women to the show. In fact, 48% of men reported bringing their girlfriend or wife, while only 32.5% of women reported bringing their boyfriend or husband.
17.9% of women said they brought their kids or grandkids to a show. Only 13.9% of men brought the young ones. Women are one third more likely than men to bring their parents to a show.

Chapter 5: (Promotion and Marketing-Advances for the Disabled Audience)

19% of the US population lives with some type of disability. If we accept the statistic that 35% of those over 65 years old have some kind of hearing loss, that would mean that almost 600,000 Shubert Organization theatre audience members each year could benefit from closed captioning or assistive listening. (Note: the Shuberts own 17 Broadway theatres. There are no statistics for the other Broadway theatre owners.)

As of June 1, all shows on Broadway will offer some sort of on-demand access services. The Shuberts now offers on-demand closed captioning, assistive listening, audio descriptions, and language translations at every theatre through the free “GalaPro” app. The app only operates on a dark setting, on a closed network, and in airplane mode (so users won’t receive phone calls or texts during the performance).

Unfortunately, many disabled are totally unaware of these advances and don’t even know about discounted wheelchair accessible seating in every theatre (with advance notification to the box office!)