Updates: March 2018

March 1, 2018

Chapter 5 (Marketing, Promotion etc.)

International Travelers: Research is now telling us that 17.5% of Broadway customers are from other countries. Broadway Inbound is a company that specializes in marketing to these countries, and BroadwayCollection.com uses many other languages to do the selling.


International marketing: BroadwayCollection.com & BroadwayInbound.com

New Free App: Broadway News (insider info)

Chapter 10 (Producers & Investors)

Phantom of the Opera turns 30 this year! And it almost didn’t happen. Composer Andrew Lloyd Weber’s wife was turned down by Actors’ Equity when he applied for a work visa claiming she was a one-in-a-kind star. Of course, in those days in the U.S., she was not a star. Equity’s job is to protect American acting jobs and AEA must approve all foreign actors working in the U.S.- usually by guaranteeing an equal number of American actors working in foreign countries like the U.K. Well, the powerful Mr. Weber eventually won and Sarah Brightman opened the show on Broadway.