Updates: March 2019

CHAPTER 22: Theatre Owners

Broadway theatres have increased efforts to ensure that the theatre is accessible and open to everyone. One major innovation was the introduction of the GalaPro app that offers closed captioning, audio descriptions, and in many cases language translation.These services are offered on-demand, giving those who need access the ability to enjoy any show, anytime, using their own smartphone or mobile device.
In its first half-year of use, nearly 3500 theatregoers have downloaded and used GalaPro in Shubert houses alone. The vast majority are using GalaPro’s closed captioning technology to better understand the words being spoken or sung on stage, but audio descriptions and translations are getting some play too. There was a spike in translation usage in August 2018, most likely due to higher tourism numbers from Europe.

The light from smart phones can be minimalized during the use of this App.