Updates: October 2017

October 1, 2017


CORRECTION: In the Union chapter as well as in each individual mention of a union, it should be noted that New York is not a “Right to Work” State – which means Unions can compel an employee to join.

Even though my union ATPAM and most other Broadway unions have a Union Security Clause in their contracts (known as the “30 day rule”), first time contract signers are rarely compelled to join a union. But if they are signed to a second contract job, unions will make them take out their checkbook and pay initiation dues and work dues.


CHAPTER 15 (Actors)

Carrying the Equity card is often considered a rite of passage for American actors, with many artists waiting years for an opportunity to join the union. As it stands, basic dues are $118 per year. Working dues come in at 2.25 percent of gross earnings up to $300,000 earned under Equity contracts. Now after a historic vote, members have overwhelmingly approved a dues increase adding $50 for basic dues in the first year, and rising incrementally to reach a final amount of $176/year.


CHAPTER 5 (Marketing, Promotion)

The Shubert Organization, the largest owner of Broadway theaters, has recently incorporated a program called “Persado” into its email marketing. Persado learns which “subject line” content engages customers most and adjusts on-the-fly to improve chances that customers will open the email (“open rates”) and improve chances that customers will them buy tickets (“conversion rates”). “Big Brother” is close at hand. 


Chapter 10: (Producing and investing)

            As expected, 3 more 2017 shows bit the dust around Labor Day. August is a tough month, but early September is even tougher.


Chapter 14 (Press Agents)

            New salary rates for Press Agents are as follows:

$2,271.54 minimum for press agents + 8.5% vacation weekly (plus health/pension)


Chapter 18 (Managers)

            New salary rates for Company & House managers are as follows:

$2,124.16 minimum for managers + 8.5% vacation weekly (plus health and pension)