Updates: October 2018

Chapter 5 (Promotion and Marketing):

Broadway’s next great marketing and performance adventure: the small screen. Public Broadcast System’s “Great Performances” will continue its program of Broadway related premieres: An American in Paris The Musical on Friday, November 2 … Rodgers & Hammerstein’s The Sound of Music on Friday, November 9 … John Leguizamo’s Road to Broadway on Friday, November 16 … Harold Prince: The Director’s Life on Friday, November 23. While there is little, if any, subsidiary income to be made for investors on PBS-TV, each show’s brand and the industry in general is given a wide boost among its prime ticket-buyers around the world.  


Chapter 10 (Producing & Investing):

Behind-the-scenes diversity efforts: The Broadway League has started working on a number of programs with the goal being to impact diversity in Broadway producing/managing offices. First, in an effort to get minority individuals interested in working behind the scenes on Broadway, the organization offers a special program for New York City public high school students. … Second, to attract minority students in college theatre programs who might otherwise enter another business after graduation, the Broadway League partnered with the labor union ATPAM to match them up with company managers on national tours for one-week shadowing opportunities. … Third, to discourage minority workers who are already working on Broadway from leaving the industry, the Broadway League created a fellowship program that puts them into the offices of Broadway marketing specialists, general managers, and producers for 26 weeks. 


Chapter 10 (Producing & Investing):

Three more Broadway shows bit the dust in September, one of the common periods of low attendance when less-than-strong shows must pack up before their losses overwhelm their bank accounts. In recent years, the number of limited engagements (16 weeks or so) have increased meaning that producers can plan ahead for these low-attendance months: January, July, September.   



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