Updates: May 2017

May 1, 2017

**US states show interest in the Tony Awards.

Chapter 6 (Tony Awards):

The Tony Awards nominations will be announced Tuesday May 2nd at 8:30am leading to weeks of increased marketing for those who are nominated, and especially for those who are not. It’s fascinating to watch how press representatives manuever and manipulate the media.

Social media bumps happen the day after the Tony nominations are released. Those nominated for Best Musical or Musical Revival see a 90% increase in social media activity (compared to the day before). Musicals that do not receive a nomination get a 20% increase. There are still no solid statistics if social media brings in ticket sales. However, a Tony nomination will definitely help.

The other categories of nominations have little if any effect on ticket sales. And if you look at the attached map**, you will see that a very small portion of the country cares about the Tony Awards at all.

On the positive side, the Tony Awards brings the magic of great theater to the world and creates the mystique of Broadway for tourists visiting NYC. As already mentioned in the book, the cost of performing on the Tony Awards is not small. There are a lot of considerations for producers when deciding how to spend their promotional dollars.


** See attached map of which US states show interest in the Tony Awards.